TeleHealth Info

We realize that kids still need care in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, and VIDEO VISITS with your same trusted providers should help!  

Some diagnoses may not be appropriate for video visits, and some video visits will need to be referred in for an in-person visit, but we are trying to see most things by video visit. These TeleHealth visits are also being offered for Well Child exams for children over 2 months of age.

Our contracted insurers are all covering urgent care and behavioral health video visits, like in clinic visits.

Give us a call to schedule your video urgent care visit, behavioral health or wellness visit!

TeleHealth Information

For established patients we are now offering TeleHealth, also known as a video visit, by appointment. We are able to cover a wide variety of urgent care and behavioral health concerns with these video appointments. We may still recommend, and continue to offer, if preferred, in-person visits with the doctor.

For these video visits, we are using a platform called Zoom which is a secure video service. For more information, including how your information and privacy is protected, click here for an overview by Zoom

These visits are billed like an office visit, and normal visit charges, including copays, will apply. These can be paid over the phone by calling the office, or billed to you.

Once you have scheduled a TeleHealth appointment with the office, we will provide you with the information needed to connect. Access is also available via the TeleHealth button at the top of our home page. You will be prompted to install the Zoom app if not already installed when joining. When prompted for a name at check-in, please use the name of the patient the appointment is for.

Wellness Exams

We are offering Well Child Exams via TeleHealth.  Please call us to schedule — if you already have a Wellness Exam scheduled, we may be contacting you to move the appointment or to provide TeleHealth appointment information.

  • Who
    • Children four months and over can have their Wellness exam as a TeleHealth appointment
  • Vaccines and Vitals
    • 18 months and younger: We require a brief appointment with the nurse to take important measurements and do vaccines
    • 2 Years and older: We are asking that you take height and weight measurements at home. We are recommending deferring vaccines 6-8 weeks during this pandemic. If unable to weigh or measure the patient at home, we are offering scheduled appointments with the nurse
  • Screening Forms
    • We will have you complete the screening form you would normally complete in the office prior to your telehealth appointment.  These forms are available here. We may also have you complete an additional questionnaire using CHADIS, a secure service, and that questionnaire will be available on our Patient Portal.

Visit Recommendations 

  • Check-in 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. You can join a test call here:
  • Join the meeting in a quiet room with just yourself and the patient present; older patients may join without a caregiver present
  • Adjust the lighting to make sure the doctor is able to see you and to limit silhouetting
  • Measure, weigh or take the patient’s temperature before the appointment and report it to the doctor during your visit.
    • Weigh the patient before your appointment
    • For urgent care visits, please take the patient’s temperature before your appointment
    • For ADHD or behavioral health visits, measure the patient’s height before your appointment
  • Make a list of questions you would like to discuss with your doctor and be prepared to take additional notes during your visit

How to Measure for your TeleHealth Appointment

1. Find a flat surface and a flat section of wall in your home.
2. Remove your child’s shoes.
3. Have your child stand with their feet flat on the floor and with their heels against the wall. Make sure your child’s head and shoulders are touching the wall.
4. Have your child stand up straight with their eyes looking straight ahead.
5. Have someone place a flat object (like a ruler) against the wall. Then have them lower it until it rests gently on top of your child’s head.
6. Lightly mark the wall with a pencil at the point where the ruler meets the child’s head.
7. Use a tape measure — ideally a metal one that will remain straight — to measure the distance from the floor to the mark on the wall.

TeleHealth FAQ

Q. Is the Zoom Meeting private?
A. Yes. The meeting is configured with a waiting room so no one can join the meeting without being approved by the doctor. This prevents “Zoom-bombing” where unauthorized people join the call.

Q. Do I need to install an app?
A. You will need to install the app if joining from a mobile phone or tablet. We recommend installing if joining from a desktop. When you join the meeting from or following the link, it will prompt you to install and provide directions.

Q. Do I need an account?
A. No account is needed. You will join with the patient name using the Meeting ID for your doctor.

Q. Can you send a meeting invite?
A. No, we can send you a link with the code or link, but we do not create a scheduled meeting. You will join the meeting with the patient’s name at the time of the appointment.

Q. Does the child need to be present at the Zoom appointment?
A. Yes, we require the child to be present for most appointments. Some concerns, including behavior or mental health, can be done without the child present.