Provider Schedule

Provider Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
David de Give, MD Yes Yes Yes Yes
Giselle Falkenberg, MD Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jeffrey Ernst, MD Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annie Reese, MD Yes Yes Yes
Alexsander Greer, MD Yes Yes Yes Yes
Akane Tanaka, MD Yes Yes
Melissa Walsh, MD Yes Yes Yes

Appointment Request

You can request an appointment using the tool below and a staff member will call you to help you schedule the appointment within four business hours .  Please call the office if you need immediate access to an appointment or call 911 if you need need immediate medical attention. Using the below tool does not guarantee an appointment on the day or time you requested, but we will do our best to accommodate your request.  The posted provider schedule is a general guideline only and is subject to change or the provider being on vacation.

If a language other than English is selected, we will attempt to call you using a translator.

Not sure if an appointment is needed?  Start with the Symptom Checker tool  Symptom Checker