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We specialize in the continuity of care, from the first well-baby checkup, to treating common childhood illnesses, to consulting with teens and young adults as they gain independence and establish healthy habits for life.

Office News

  • Flu Clinic
    Information regarding our flu clinic is coming soon. Please check back in the next couple of weeks for more detailed information
  • COVID-19
    Vaccine information, resources and information about office visits is available here: COVID-19 Information 
  • Exciting Care Model Change
    We are excited about our new Patient Care Model! At Richmond Pediatrics, we strive to show that we value you as an individual, that we want to include and partner with you to reach healthcare decisions and to provide a holistic and inclusive experience. We are constantly evaluating how every single decision impacts patient care, and
    aim for thoughtful changes to make care more efficient, complete, seamless, and personalized. In our new Care Model, each doctor works closely with an individual Medical Assistant as a Patient Care Team. When you seek care at Richmond Pediatrics, your doctor’s Medical Assistant will assist in your care, whether it be an office visit, phone call or portal message. Our goal is that this will improve communication in the way that works best for you and your family to meet your needs and desired healthcare outcome.

Office Hours


Please check in at the door for appointments scheduled outside of these hours

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