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We specialize in the continuity of care, from the first well-baby checkup, to treating common childhood illnesses, to consulting with teens and young adults as they gain independence and establish healthy habits for life.

Office News

  • We are closing early today, February 12th, at 5 PM due to snow conditions. We plan to be back in the office tomorrow at 8:30 AM as usual. Drive safely!
  • Richmond Pediatrics strongly recommends seasonal 2018-19 flu vaccine for all children 6 months and older.  We currently have the flu shot available for all children 18 years old and younger. Please call to schedule a vaccination appointment with our nursing staff. Flu shot appointments will be available on all weekdays between 9:30 and 11:15 AM and 1:30 – 3:45 PM.  The flu vaccine can also be given when your child has a doctorʼs appointment at the clinic.
  • Richmond Pediatrics is now doing a vision check for children aged 1 to 3, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Since children this age cannot do a vision check the usual way, we are using a system called GoCheck kids, which takes a photo of the eye. Doing this screen will help us catch potential vision problems early, such as identifying risk factors for amblyopia, the number one cause of vision loss in children, as well as risk factors for near and farsightedness.  We are very excited to use this new screening tool in our clinic.  Read more about it here at the Children’s Eye Foundation
  • Our friends at the University of Washington Center for Pediatric Dentistry are offering low cost dental exams for patients up to 18 years of age. Click here for more details.

Office Hours


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