COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources 

Everyone ages 12 and older is now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine is free for all, regardless of whether you have private health insurance, are uninsured, or on Medicaid or Medicare.

To learn more about eligibility and locations, we recommend going to the Washington State Department of Health website or here

COVID-19 Community Resources

We have compiled a list of helpful resources to help you understand and protect your family against COVID-19, including what next steps are if you believe you have been exposed too or have COVID-19. Please call us if you have specific questions or need additional guidance. Please click below to access the list of COVID-19 resources we have compiled.

Community Resources

Appointments at the Clinic

We are working hard to keep all patients safe – thank you for your patience while we make changes in our flow through clinic.

  • We are doing phone check-in and having families wait in their car until their room is ready. Please call us after parking and press option 1 to check in.
  • We are checking in patients or families with illness symptoms through the BACK DOOR. Please let the receptionist know if you or your family had any illness symptoms within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment. They will give you instructions on our back door check in.
  • All patients over the age of two and staff in the office remain masked, regardless of vaccination status, throughout the entire visit following CDC guidelines for a healthcare setting
  • We strongly urge no more 2 healthy family members without any current illness symptoms accompany the patient to visit
  • Our Symptom Checker on the upper right part of this home page has great information and links regarding symptoms and advice on Coronavirus/COVID-19. Type in either of those terms or click on the Chest section to access that information.